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Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump - Tubing Pump

Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump - Tubing Pump

Specification: 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1, 1-1/8 Grade: D, High Strength


For the tubing pump, the barrel will be put into the predetermined depth with the tubing. And then put the plunger into the barrel with sucker rod. Given the tubing size, the bore of the tubing pump is larger than that of the rod pump, so the pump discharge rate is higher. For some large production wells, larger bore of tubing pump can be worked if the on-off connector is installed. For this type pump has heavy wall and large flowing area for fluid, it is suitable for viscosity well.


THC pump - stationary Heavy Wall, Cup Seating, Tubing pump

THM pump - stationary Heavy Wall, Mech. Seating, Tubing Pump

TH pump - stationary Heavy Wall, Tubing Pump, which standing valve can not be pulled out.

Tubing pump 1.jpg

Specification of parameters: 

Specification tubing pump.jpg

Picture of tubing pump:

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Factory and workshop:

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Package and delivery:


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