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Sucker Rod For PC Pump

Sucker Rod For PC Pump

Sucker rod and coupling are munufactured in accordance with API 11B. We can supply sucker rod as follows: Grade C, D, K, KD,H Size: 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8"


Product Description:

The Special Hollow Sucker rods for PC Pump have been developed on the bases of general solid and hollow sucker rod production system according to the requirements of customers. It can solve the problems of rod broken and unscrewed frequently in PC pumping wells.


There are two kinds of driving sucker rods: Driving Solid Sucker Rod and Driving Hollow Sucker Rod. There are two types of connection: double shoulder straight thread type and wedge jack left hand thread type.


1.The structure of double shoulder straight thread type:

a. Increase the thread specification to improve the thread torsional strength and connecting capacity.

b. Double shoulder structure add a load baring surface to improve connecting capacity effectively by increasing friction area. The friction area of the shoulder is doubled, so it can bear more heavy transient torque and reversal torque, prevent from thread making and breaking out, and protect thread form destroying. It is easy to operate and can be reused repeatedly.

2.The structure of wedge jack left hand thread type:

The part of wedge jack is V type, the root is thicker, so the twisting strength is high, and connecting threads is only used to connect. Using left hand thread can prevent the thread from being unscrewed when coupling rubs against tubing wall. This type of Driving sucker rod is widely used by our customers.

Product Photo:

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