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Anti-corrosion Sucker Rod For Medium And Highly Corrosive Condition
Aug 02, 2017

1. Introduction of Tungsten Alloy plating Sucker rod and coupling

Tungsten Alloy plating Sucker rods and couplings (hereinafter called TA sucker rods and couplings) are good anti-corrosion sucker rods for oil production. The plating layer is amorphous state, and after heat treatment it become nanometer state, hardness is 900-1200HV, can resistant to strong acid alkali and salt water corrosion.

2. Feature of TA sucker rods and couplings

2.1. High hardness

2.2. Good wear resistance

2.3. Good combine performance between plating coat and body, don’t fall off after impact and high pressure.

2.4. Heat and humidity resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

2.5. Good surface finish, plating coat evenly and densification.

2.6. No pollution in the production process.

3. Testing Data

3.1. Testing condition


Testing result for Anti corrosion


3.2. Combine force testing




TA sucker rods



TA sucker rod couplings


Working site

4. Application

Since the year 2009 TA sucker rods and couplings have been applied in domestic oil fields in China. Until now it has used in oil well with H2S/CO2, high temperature and high pressure in every oil field of China to solve problems caused by corrosion.

Since the year 2011 TA sucker rods and couplings have exported to Oman, Sudan, Peru and Venezuela to contribute to solve corrosion problems in oil well.

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