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Cable Cooperation Project
Sep 20, 2017

Recently, our company is discussing about the procurement project of cables used for mines with customers. Their specifications are 06/1.0kv, 25mm2 *3+6mm2earth, XLPE, SWA, PVC sheathed, 90℃, 06/1.0kv, 35mm2 *3+6mm2earth, XLPE, SWA, PVC sheathed, 90℃, 06/1.0kv, 70mm2 *3+25mm2earth, X90-XLPE, SWA, PVC sheathed, 90℃. The mine cables have the characteristics of anti-extrusion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. The performance and quality of our company's cables is fully able to meet the customer’s needs, and the price is lower than the customer’s procurement before. Our products will be sent to the customer’s country for performance testing. We will discuss the specific procurement contract with the customer after the testing finishes.

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