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China's Imports Of Crude Oil, Natural Gas And Other Commodities Increased In The First 11 Months
Dec 10, 2018

According to customs statistics, in the first 11 months, China’s imports of crude oil, natural gas and other commodities increased. In the first 11 months, China imported 418 million tons of crude oil with an increase of 8.4%. The average import price was 3442.9 yuan per ton, up 31.5%; coal was 271 million tons, up 9.3%, and the average import price was 576 yuan per ton, up 1.9%. Natural gas was 81.19 million tons, an increase of 33.8%. The average import price was 2746 yuan per ton, up 21.1%; refined oil was 30.24 million tons, up 12.4%, and the average import price was 3981.4 yuan per ton, up 21.2%.

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