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Injection Agent Of Submersible Pump Cables
Jun 15, 2017

    This cable is suitable for a variety of models, different temperature levels of the submersible pump cable. This cable use a unique method to incorporate the capillary tube along with the power cable, it can be used for chemical injection or hydraulic down-hole control application. It has excellent oil resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistant ability.


    1. Tube is stainless steel capillary3/8-in OD,0.049-in wall (inner Diameter Φ7.0mm, outer diameter Φ9.5mm).

    2. According to the requirements of well conditions, you can add one or more stainless steel capillary tube.

Execution standard:

   IEEE Std 1018TM-2013

   IEEE Std 1019TM-2013


Product performance parameter:


Product structure parameter:


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