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International Oil Prices Rose On 13th, Closed At $ 51.45 A Barrel
Oct 16, 2017

US President Trump said on Wednesday that he refused to prove to Congress that Iran would comply with the Iranian nuclear agreement and that the United States would sanction the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Analysts believe that geopolitical tensions will might affect the Middle East oil exports, which expected to boost international oil prices rose on the day.

The data, which the US oilfield technology services company Baker Hughes released on the same day show that this week the number of oil field drilling the United States operating is 743, drop by 5 than previous week.

At the end of the day, the light crude oil price of New York Mercantile exchange future delivery in November rose $0.85, closed at 51.45 a barrel, rosed by 1.68%. the crude oil price of London Brent future delivery in November rose $0.92, closed at $57.17 a barrel, rosed by 1.64%. 

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