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International Oil Prices Rose On Sep. 5 New York Market Closed At $ 48.66 A Barrel
Sep 07, 2017

Xinhua News Agency, New York Reported on September 5, international oil prices rose on the 5th.

Market analysts say the hurricane "Harvey" hit the US oil producer Texas recently, a number of refineries closed, resulting in reduced demand for crude oil. part refinery of Texas announced to resume the production. The crude oil demand increase a new boost of New York oil price.

In addition, the day the dollar weakened the dollar-denominated investment in crude oil to attract international oil prices.

By the end of the day, The light crude oil price of New York Mercantile exchange future delivery in October rose $ 1.37, close at $ 48.66 a barrel, rose by 2.90%. The crude oil price of London Brent future delivery in November rose $ 0.63, close at $ 53.38 a barrel, rose by 1.19%.

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