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Iranian Media Say Iran's Oil Production Has Not Been Affected By The Earthquake
Nov 17, 2017

According to Iranian media reports on the 14th, the strong earthquake in Iraq and Iran's border areas did not affect Iran's oil production.

Iran's "Financial Tribune" quoted the head of an oil company as saying that oilfield facilities and petrochemical production in the western Iranian province were not affected by the strong earthquake at night on the 12th.

In addition, The person in charge of the Iranian National Petrochemical Company also confirmed that the strong earthquake did not affect Iran's oil production and the oil pipeline has not been damaged.

According to Iranian media reports, a massive earthquake hit Iraqi-Iranian border areas on the 12th night, at least 445 people died in the Iranian quake zone, more than 7,000 people injured and tens of thousands of houses collapsed. The Report said that the death toll may continue to rise.

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