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Latin American Oil Trade Seriously Affected By The Windstorm Disaster
Sep 22, 2017

Venezuelan EI Nacional quoted Reuters news reported on September 19th that the recent oil trade in Latin America and the Caribbean is abnormal, due to the hurricane disaster in the Southern United States and Caribbean and that the related capital of Venezuelan oil companies hasn’t been paid in full and other factors. The recent hurricane disaster has caused huge losses to US Texas and Floridian refineries, affecting the United States on crude oil refining and oil supply in Latin America and the Caribbean, with an average daily production capacity of 2.5 million barrels limited. As Venezuela hasn’t paid in full for the sale of crude oil traders, a large number of tankers transfer to other ports for sales, which causes the local supply of gasoline tight. There are six oil tankers carrying about 1.8 million barrels of diesel oil, light oil and other oil on September 3th away from the coast of Venezuela, transferred to the Panamanian and Caribbean oil depots. Venezuelan countries begin to appear tight gasoline supply; the region outside the capital is more serious.

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