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Libya's Largest Oil Field Was Forced To Close
Aug 29, 2017

According to sources, Sharara oilfield, the largest oil field in Libya was closed in August 19 due to pipeline congestion. The oil production of this oil field is about 28 million barrels per day in recent weeks. The documents Foreign media obtained shows that the Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) announced on August 20 that due to force majeure factors, Shalala oil field’s crude oil will be turned to loaded from Zawiye oil terminal. According to informed sources, Libya's largest oil field salad have been discontinued because of employee protests. It Shows that this politically fragmented OPEC member states are still tough in restoring their crude oil production and boosting the economy.

Last month, Libya crude oil production and exports of Libya both reached a new height in three years. Because the conflict between armed militia groups is reduced, And the country's hostile government leaders agreed to take measures to form a unified situation in Libya.

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