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Our Company Received An Order Of Screw Pump Parts
Apr 05, 2017

Recently, our company received an order of one-year screw pump parts from the oil company in North Africa. The cumulative procurement of the screw pump parts is up to 11360, including hollow sucker rod for screw pump, hollow rod parts, torque anchor, ground driving device, packing specially for screw pump and so on. This is a continuous order for us to provide screw pump parts in this region. Our company's hollow sucker rod has the characteristics of large transmission torque, high safety coefficient, and lower price than the solid rod with same specifications. It has been used in this region for over 15 years. The torque anchor has the characteristics of great anchoring strength, easy operation, the use of security and so on. The oil company has been ordering the screw pump parts for its oil production from our company for many years. And the products we supply have also provided strong support and good service for the smooth and efficient production of oil wells in the region.


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