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Our Company Received Orders Of Spray Welding Polished Rods And Tubing Pup Joints
Mar 06, 2019

The spray-welding polished rod is a thermal spraying technique on the surface of the alloy steel polished rods. The spraying layer contains the alloy powder of chromium, silicon, boron and etc to improve the surface performance of the polished rod. The corrosion resistance and friction resistance of this kind of polished rod surface are greatly improved compared with ordinary polished rods. Spray welding rods are suitable for oil wells and sand wells with certain corrosive properties. According to the follow-up investigation, in the case of oil wells with certain corrosion and sand content, the service life of the spray welding polished rods can reach 5-10 times that of the ordinary polished rods under normal use. Therefore, spray welding polished rods are increasingly favored by oil mining users.

Our company's spray-welding rods use a more stringent production process, and the quality of the products is unanimously accepted by our customers. The annual export volume reaches nearly one thousand. Recently, our South American customer have ordered a batch of 32mm spray welding polished rods and tubing pup joints. Production has been scheduled and will be delivered to customers on schedule.

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