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Our Company’s Businesses Push Forward Steadily
May 17, 2017

In nearly a month, our company has received orders from the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. The customers purchased our company's downhole tools, pup joints, wellhead accessories, pump parts and other products. Since February, with the country's efforts to strengthen the environmental management, anti-corrosion treatment and painting production process have been affected. While we actively cooperate with the national environmental governance, but also actively manage to find methods to promote product production. So far, the pup joints and crossovers ordered by the South American customers and downhole tools ordered by the Middle East customers have been delivered on time. Besides, gas anchor, pony rods and other products are also in the smooth production, and will be delivered soon. Wellhead accessories, pump parts have been manufactured on schedule. We will live up to the trust of our customers, seriously ensure that the product quality will meet the requested standard, and will deliver the products on schedule.


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