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Pakistan Imports Natural Gas From Nigeria
Dec 05, 2017

According to Sohu Finance News Nigeria "attacked the newspaper" reported on November 28, in order to deepen the economic cooperation between the two countries, Pakistan has begun to import liquefied natural gas from Nigeria. Pakistani resident Nigerian diplomat Azim Khan in Abuja said the first 70,000 tons of natural gas have arrived in Qasim Port in Karachi, Pakistan. Previously, Pakistan imported natural gas from Qatar. Achim Khan said that this cooperation is the beginning of deepening the cooperation between the Nigerian and Pakistani countries in the energy field and will conduct more trade in energy and related fields in the future.

To strengthen bilateral relations, Pakistan planned to set up scholarships for some Nigerian students recently in some institutions of higher learning. In addition, Pakistani will hold an exhibition of agricultural technology and agricultural machinery equipment in Nigeria to provide Nigeria with technical support in the agricultural sector to help Nigeria achieve self-sufficiency in grain as soon as possible.

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