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Pumps, Sucker Rods And Related Accessories Will Finish Production This Week
Jul 31, 2018

Thin-wall pumps, pump barrels, sucker rods, polished rods and other products ordered by our South American customer have been basically completed after 40 days of production. This batch of the pump and accessories are thin-walled pumps with a wall thickness of 3mm for barrel. Pump material production, heat treatment, chrome plating is relatively more difficult than thick-walled pumps. The spray welding polished rods required by the customer are non-integral spray welding, which also increases the difficulty of production. And it is the season of high temperature and high humidity in the year. The production workshop has overcome the difficulty of production, and the impact of heavy weather of high temperature and high humidity, and will complete the production of this batch of orders this week. The products will be delivered to customers with good quality and sufficient quantity.

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