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Receive Double Packed Stuffing Box Order Again
Jan 25, 2017

At  the  beginning  of  the  New  Year,our  company  double  packed  stuffing  boxs  are  favored  by  customers and been received  orders  continuously.This  PO  ordered at  the  eve  of  the Spring  Festival  holiday,  the  customer  requested  delivery  time  only  4  days,  our  company  overcome  many  inconveniences from  casting, made bolts, machining, pressure  testing,  painting, it's only  spent  3  days  to  complete  the  order. It fully  reflects our company  efficient  manufacturing  capability  and  good  production  coordination  level.

This  order is from  our  old  customer and the customer  had  ordered  double  packed  stuffing  box  for consecutive  3  years  from  our  company,  this  time  quantity  more  than  last  2  years.That  shows  our  products  fully  meet  the  customers  market  demand,  and  we  are  helping  them  expand  the  market  range. Following  our  company  technical  staffs  constantly  to  improve  quality  of  products,  focus  on  manufacturing  details,  our  stuffing  boxs  will  be  more  and  more  get  the  welcomed  by  customers,for  the customers  market development  and  service  to  provide  strong  support!

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