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Submersible Pump Connection Cable
Jun 30, 2017

       This cable is suitable for voltage not exceeding 3 kV or 5 kV (phase to phase) and conductor operating temperature not exceedingfrom 90℃  to 204℃ used in oil wells, connected submersible puma with power cable. Cable has excellent oil resistant, heat resistant,corrosion resistant ability.

Execution standard:

        IEEE Std 1018TM -2013 IEEE Recommended Practice for Specifying Electric Submersible Pump Cable - Ethylene - Propylene Rubber Insulation    

Structure description:

        Conductor:                     Solid annealed copper

        Auxiliary insulation:       Polyimide Film

        Main insulation:             EPDM rubber

        Sheath:                           Lead

        Standard armor:           Galvanized steel strip



Product performance parameters:


Product structure parameters:


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