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The Net Profit Of Gazprom For First Three Quarters Decreased By 18%
Dec 04, 2017

According to the financial statements released by the Russian largest natural gas company, Russia's Gazprom (Gazprom) on the 30th, the net profit for the period of January to September was 581.8 billion rubles (one U.S. dollar equals 58 rubles), decreasing by 18% compared with the same period of last year.

Data showed that sales revenue of Gazprom was 4.6 trillion rubles for the first nine months of this year, up about 7%. The increase in sales revenue of the Company was mainly due to the increase in the prices of oil and gas products and natural gas transportation services.

In addition, by the end of September, the total debt of Gazprom increased by 37%, reaching 2.6 trillion rubles. The main reason for the increase in corporate debt is the decrease in corporate fund balances and the increase in loans. Gazprom CEO Miller said earlier that the supply of Gazprom will reach 192 billion cubic meters in 2017. 

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