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The Oil Industry Of Scotland Is Recovering
Aug 03, 2018

According to the British Daily Chronicle, a local port authority in Scotland said that the Scottish oil industry began to show signs of recovery after the recent economic recession. There are more rigs that need repair, inspection and maintenance, which we think is a positive sign."

The rig platform is also re-starting drilling: Maersk has returned to the sea and drilled at least three wells on Nixon's Buzzard platform, the largest production field in the UK's waters with a daily output of approximately 190,000 barrels of oil.

Work is starting to return to the right track: Currently, there are 1,400 employees at the port of Cromartus, more than half of what it was a year ago. However, the port authorities are cautious about calling it a good turn. They would rather see these developments as “preliminary sprouts” of future recovery.

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