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Thermal Expansion Joints Have Finished Production
Aug 08, 2017

Thermal expansion joints ordered by our customer have finished production, and now entering the stages of assembly and testing. The product has characteristics of the thickness of walls, precision of threads, and low surface roughness, so the processing is more difficult. However, we took our own manufacturing advantages to overcome many difficulties, and now we have completed the mechanical processing part and the sizes are in full compliance with customer’s requirements. The products are being assembled and tested. They will be delivered to the customer after the work is completed.

A-Body _副本.jpg

1. A-Body

B-Bottom _副本.jpg

2. B-Bottom

C-Piston _副本.jpg

3. C-Piston

Plunger _副本.jpg

4. Plunger

D-Top _副本.jpg

5. D-Top

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